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Ti Names has been trading in the Website and Domain Name Market for almost five years. In that time we have traded almost 1000 domains and websites.

We have investigated and invested in Search Engine Optimisation, Advertising Revenues, Affiliate Sales Programs and Branding. We own and have optimised various information/entertainment websites and get about 500,000 page views per year from repeat visits, back-links, and organic searches. We have purchased domains at auctions, privately, and at ‘closeout’ and sold these for a profit.  We have learned how to analyse, optimise, and monetise.

Our portfolio of digit assets, includes websites from as early as 1996 and Domain Names valued up to $100,000+.

It is the passion of our Founder, Paul Trafford, who has managed and owned various companies since 2001 working as both Managing Director and Hardware Broker, to bring structure and professionalism to Domain Name Brokerage.

Paul says: “I’ve been a broker, of one kind or another since 1995, and brokerage only works when your word is your bond. I believe this ethic can apply equally well to the Domain Name Market. It can be profitable for all concerned. I intend to prove it.”

Picture of Paul
Paul Trafford

“There is no such thing as a free lunch” (Milton Friedman and Others) 

From time to time we offer FREE services or products on our site. These offers are genuine, but of course we want your custom. Please let us know if you are uncomfortable with any practice or service that we offer. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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